Technology Audit

There are many reasons to perform a technology audit. The range from acquisition and change of IT leadership to having consistent technology problems or required hardware upgrades. Maybe IT has just slipped off the radar as your company grew. No matter what state the business is in, having a holistic understanding of the current state of your IT organization will provides you a honest view of what needs to be done to manage IT costs.

IT Operations

Running a service oriented IT operation can be time consuming. If you aren’t a technologist or tasked with more than just the day-to-day IT operation, something suffers. The solution bring me on oversee your staff and vendors. I will help them solve problems before become catastrophic. I’ve help firms chose the right people, processes and technology for their organization. It takes an understanding of the problem, the firm’s plans and their habits to narrow down the right mix of tools for your firms work style. Let’s get together to compare your options, the multitude of vendors and various tools in a way that highlights what’s most important and simplifies the selection process. Together we’ll make appropriate financial decisions that bring more value for your money.

Budgeting & Planning

There is a cost to everything in business. Have you looked at what you are spending your budget on? Reviewing how and where you are spending money, we can find ways of maximizing the value of your spending.

Disaster Recovery Review

Whether you have an existing plan that needs to be refreshed or you need to start fresh, mitigating the risk of an outage can plan to keep your customers happy and the money coming in.

Program/Project Management

Managing the lifecycle of one project can be a complex task in itself. Having someone watch over that project or the entire program to keep them running efficiently can better enable you to watch over the day to day operations of the firm.

Technology Roadmap

After building a strategic plan for your business, you need to understand what technology you’ll need and how much that will cost, in order to achieve that plan. within Budget constraints of the business.

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