I have a mission to help organizations create technology solutions specifically for their businesses.  While the latest technology might be a work well, I’ve found, over the last 25 years of my career, that integrating sound, purpose built and tested solutions, achieve greater value for the money.  Throughout my career, I’ve worked with privately held healthcare providers with 5 users to publicly traded, highly regulated firms with 1000 employees and offices throughout the US and Canada.  Each firm has it’s own personality and has required a different set of tools.  In the end we’ve been able to create positive change which optimized the business.

Achieving technology goals starts with understanding the firm’s core values, strategic business objectives and spending culture.  I have found this enables me to integrate and optimize technology solutions as if I were a long term veteran of the company. I’m passionate about helping fine tune the people and culture, streamlining operations, and teaching non-technologists to understand and manipulate technology to make them more productive. In the end, it’s the people, operations and technology that enable organizations to deliver on their own mission.  Let me help your organization achieve your goals.