Technology Simplified

Creating the Right Path for Your Business

Managing the complexity of IT can be difficult. Between data security, access control, email deliverability, enabling worker productivity and managing the budget, advancing the business often gets re-prioritized. Together, let’s address the complex challenges your corporation is facing and enable you to focus on core business issues and generating profit.


People are the single most important part of your business. For your organization to succeed, it’s people need to be capable, empowered and motivated. They also need to fit into the culture of the greater organization. Does your IT organization fit in? Do they get accolades from Senior Staff for their delivery? Are their distinct lines between your development team and your service delivery team? Let’s determine how to bring these groups together and increase their ability to deliver results faster.


IT leaders are often faced with reinventing IT processes built under different financial and spending models, different business leadership and goals and sometimes the company product has changed. Strong IT leaders needs to understand the current state of their processes and process management. Having a thorough review of your project management platforms, governance requirements are key to being successful. Let’s get together to document your processes, their reliability, and credibility and the operational effectiveness of the team. Then we’ll have a good sense of what needs to be done to improve your operations.


I believe technology should be applied in layers no matter how big or small your organization is. A simple financial approach should be created with the finance team and follow closely. This approach should take into consideration that all technology has a lifecycle, just like your car. As PCs get old they need more care an attention. As software ages needs change and the platform matures requiring a watchful eye. Let’s get together and review your approach to technology and see if we can identify where you can get more value from your technology spend.

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Technology Audit

There are many reasons to perform a technology audit. The range from acquisition and change of IT leadership to having consistent technology problems or required hardware upgrades. Maybe IT has just slipped off the radar as your company grew. No matter what state the business is in, having a holistic understanding of the current state of your IT organization will provides you a honest view of what needs to be done to manage IT costs.

IT Operations

Running a service oriented IT operation can be time consuming. If you aren’t a technologist or tasked with more than just the day-to-day IT operation, something suffers. The solution bring me on oversee your staff and vendors. I will help them solve problems before become catastrophic. I’ve help firms chose the right people, processes and technology for their organization. It takes an understanding of the problem, the firm’s plans and their habits to narrow down the right mix of tools for your firms work style. Let’s get together to compare your options, the multitude of vendors and various tools in a way that highlights what’s most important and simplifies the selection process. Together we’ll make appropriate financial decisions that bring more value for your money.

Budgeting & Planning

There is a cost to everything in business. Have you looked at what you are spending your budget on? Reviewing how and where you are spending money, we can find ways of maximizing the value of your spending.

Disaster Recovery Review

Whether you have an existing plan that needs to be refreshed or you need to start fresh, mitigating the risk of an outage can plan to keep your customers happy and the money coming in.

Program/Project Management

Managing the lifecycle of one project can be a complex task in itself. Having someone watch over that project or the entire program to keep them running efficiently can better enable you to watch over the day to day operations of the firm.

Technology Roadmap

After building a strategic plan for your business, you need to understand what technology you’ll need and how much that will cost, in order to achieve that plan. within Budget constraints of the business.


I have a mission to help organizations create technology solutions specifically for their businesses. While the latest technology might work well, I’ve found, over my career, that integrating sound, purpose built and tested solutions, achieve greater value for the money. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with privately held healthcare providers with 5 users to publicly traded, highly regulated firms with 1000+ employees and offices throughout the US and Canada. Each firm has it’s own personality and requires a different set of tools. In the end we’ve been able to create positive change which optimized the business.

Achieving technology goals starts with understanding the firm’s core values, strategic business objectives and spending culture. I have found this enables me to integrate and optimize technology solutions as if I were a long term veteran of the company. I’m passionate about helping fine tune the people and culture, streamlining operations, and teaching non-technologists to understand and manipulate technology to make them more productive and add more value. In the end, it’s the people, operations and technology that enable organizations to deliver on their own mission. Let me help your organization achieve your goals.